Partner Relations

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The Informations provided may only be guidelines and do not necessarily represent actual, legal points of view. Please contact Partner Operations for more details.




As soon as one of our Supervisors gets in touch with you and offers you a so called "opt-in" into one of our Projects, you will have 24 hours to accept or decline this offer.
As soon as you're accepted onto the Project, you'll get a briefing together with the Project Team.
We'd like to remind you that Specs about the Project can only be given as much as the Project Data Policy it allows us to communicate.




Our Opt-in Solution guarantees the best and most motivated professionals on the Project.
We'll ask you to join one of our Projects to free your head of all the ideas tumbling around - but feel free to contact us!
For any questions regarding our opt-in Processes, please Contact your Supervisor.




After the end of contract you'll have to ensure no data of the project can be edited, published or mis-used by third parties. The easiest way for this is hosting every project file at our Servers.

Please note that you'll get for every opt-in a separate contract.



We're using different in-house Solutions to

provide our Customers with the best service even possible. As soon as you're a nomad,

we'll offer you the tools and possibilities

we work with.



We love direct communication, complete

without borders. As of this, we want you to be direct.
And as we want your message to be delivered, we mostly use Slack, iMessage and eMail.

For every other option, just reach out!



London, United Kingdom

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